Endovascular Surgeons offers Minimally Invasion Solutions


Endovascular surgical techniques are designed to reach a variety of regions throughout the body via major arteries and blood vessels. The technique is minimally invasive and in many instances eliminates long hospital stays and facilitates a quicker recovery. An endovascular surgeon specializes in the method and they’re able to diagnose and treat an extensive array of conditions.


Arterial diseases that include aneurysms, carotid artery disease and peripheral artery disease (PAD) can be addressed through endovascular surgery. Vascular conditions that encompass varicose veins and venous thrombosis can also be treated with the method.


Angioplasty and stenting, treating varicose veins, mapping of blood vessels, and venous ulcers are all within the expertise of an endovascular surgeon. Endovascular surgery techniques are effective in treating femoral aneurysms in the groin and peripheral aneurysms that form in locations other than the aorta.


Aortic aneurysms appear in the aorta, the large blood vessel that transports oxygen rich blood from the heart to the body. This type of aneurysm typically forms in the abdomen. Popliteal aneurysms appear in the popliteal artery. It’s a major artery running down the back of the leg through the knee and lower thigh.


The carotid artery is one of the most well-known parts of the body. It carries blood up the side of the neck to the face and brain. In carotid artery disease, the arteries become blocked and circulation is impaired. The condition can result in strokes or mini-strokes. Endovascular surgical techniques allow the specialist to remove the plaque causing the blockage that’s easy on the patient.


Peripheral artery disease occurs when the arteries in the legs become blocked, decreasing circulation. Blockages can become severe, blocking circulation to the point where the limb must be amputated. New veins may be crafted to treat the condition or a stent can be put in place with endovascular surgery.


Varicose veins also present problems that can be remedied with endovascular techniques. They’re more than just an aesthetic consideration. Varicose veins aren’t life threatening, but venous surgery can seal veins from leakage and restore circulation.


Dr. Deepak Williams is an experienced vascular surgeon at North Coast Vascular, specializing in minimally invasive techniques to address a wide variety of vascular disease, disorders and dysfunction. For more information, call 1300 278 379 or visit North Coast Vascular online.

Physical Healthcare: 8 Convenient Locations for Patient Care


Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Gladstone Park, Hawthorn, Bulleen, Thomastown, St. Kilda and Sydenham. Physiotherapy services meet a variety of needs, from alleviating pain and treating injuries to enhancing sports performance and maintaining mobility.


Complete assessment, treatment and management plans are tailored to the needs of the individual and designed to return patients to their normal range of activities with alacrity. Online appointment scheduling with any of the clinics professionals is offered at all locations for client convenience.


Physiotherapy encompasses treatment for injuries occurring in the home, at the workplace and on the sports field. Those with joint pain, neurological conditions and injuries requiring rehabilitation can avail themselves of clinical Pilates and therapies that aid in maintaining mobility, flexibility and range of motion.


Normal function can be compromised through injury and aging, chronic disease and environmental factors. Hands-on techniques, hydrotherapy, massage and dry needling offer pain relief, treat diseases of soft tissues, and are beneficial for those recovering from surgical interventions.


Clear communication is a skill that doesn’t come easily to everyone. The clinic’s speech pathologist works with patients of all ages, specializing in problems related to children. It’s crucial to address speech difficulties early. Problems can arise from an extensive array of causes and speech pathologists work with children to improve reading, speaking and writing skills.


Good health begins with an appropriate diet and the clinic’s dietician helps patients with specialized dietary needs, proper nutrition and healthy food choices to help prevent illness and disease. Psychological services help patients function effectively and enhance their performance in all aspects of their life.


Many people experience foot problems ranging from tired feet, conditions related to chronic disease and skin infections that affect their quality of life. The clinic’s podiatrist treats bacterial, fungal and viral infections of the foot, developing management strategies to maintain function and ease pain.


The goal at Physical Healthcare is to ease patient pain, help them maintain mobility, and provide rehabilitation services. The clinic provides a full complement of therapeutic services to treat ills of the body and mind to improve quality of life.

For more information, call +61 1300 581 625 or visit Physical Healthcare online.

Strive Health Services Caters to Clients with Convenient Healthcare


Strive Health Services is the wave of the future for healthcare, providing physiotherapy and a full complement of medical services all under one roof. The medical clinic in Kirwan provides patients with an array of services that makes obtaining treatment easy and convenient.


The focus at Strive Health Services is always the patient and the practice provides client accommodations designed for convenience, ensuring that all patients have access to medical and physiotherapy services when they need it. Convenient options include:

  • The ability to schedule appointments online or with the clinic’s app for mobile devices allowing patients to book a visit any time and from any location.
  • Same day appointments are available.
  • Wait times are short.
  • Client satisfaction is personally guaranteed.


The clinic provides clients with treatment for immediate injuries and chronic conditions, along with ailments and injuries that have lingering effects. Treatment and management plans are tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual and adjusted as needed to reflect changes in health, progress and lifestyle. Patients have access to an extensive network of specialists through the clinic.


State-of-the-art medical equipment is available to assess, monitor and treat a variety of illnesses and diseases. The clinic offers weight management, exercise programs and the services of a trained dietitian, along with prompt appointments for sick children and a complete array of vaccinations to prevent illnesses.


Health checks for men and women are specially designed to address issues of particular importance to patients of each gender. Visits to patients’ homes and nursing homes are available, along with palliative care services.


Physiotherapy services encompass a variety of hands-on techniques that treat the underlying cause of conditions and alleviate pain. Present and past injuries, chronic conditions and therapies for rehabilitation are available to meet the changing and evolving needs of clients.


A variety of physiotherapy options are available that can be used alone or in combination with other therapies. Clinical Pilates classes, manual manipulation therapies and dry needling are all provided to arrive at the best patient outcomes. Sports medicine solutions are available for athletes and the clinic provides dance and performing arts assessments for a whole health solution for every patient.

For more information, call 07 4773 6133 or visit Strive Health online.

Tokyo Physio: High Performance Care for Professional Athletes


When athletes need training, strengthening and rehabilitation, they go to the professionals at Tokyo Physio or the practice’s newest branch, Singapore Physio. Founded and operated by international athletes, Bevan and Vanessa Colless, the couple understands the specialized needs of world-class competitors and dreamt of helping others achieve their full potential.


Their goal has come alive through the opening of the fully featured physiotherapy practices that are also elite training centers. Services are provided by English speaking, Australian trained physiotherapists who are also world-class athletes. Physiotherapy is essential when injuries occur, but it also plays an important role in preparing athletes for competition.


Physiotherapy services run the gamut, from hands-on manual manipulation and electrical stimulation to therapeutic massage and Pilates sessions. The clinic specializes in sports injuries, rehabilitation and post-operative care. The practice focuses on relieving pain, treating dysfunction and preparing patients for a return to competition quickly and efficiently. Treatment and management plans are tailored to accommodate the needs of individual.


Therapies may be used as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to address pain issues and accelerate recoveries. Treatment is designed to assist patients in reaching their goals and performing to their full potential.


A variety of specialized programs has been developed and are offered exclusively at the clinics that include “4 Weeks to a Better Back” and Natal Exercise classes for female athletes at all stages of pregnancy and post-delivery recovery. The practice offers an elite Triathlon Coaching program, triathlon training camps, and is the only English-speaking physiotherapy provider for children.


Patients can book a professional bike fitting or running assessment to increase endurance, efficiency and strength. Custom orthotic devices can be prescribed to ease pain and enhance performance. Individuals in training have access to specialized coaching, guidance and instruction on every facet of their preferred sport.


The practices are fully equipped physiotherapy and training centers, providing services for recuperation, rehabilitation and performance enhancement the natural way. The practices offer services to treat problems ranging from headaches to post-operative needs for a head-to-toe health solution.

For more information, call 03 3443 6769 or visit Tokyo Physio online.

Physiotherapy Treat Injuries, Eases Pain and Prevents Mishaps


The Body Mechanic is the premiere physiotherapy Sydney destination for athletes in need of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. Physiotherapy at The Body Mechanic encompasses much more than treatment for injuries. A variety of techniques and methods are available to ease pain, help prevent injuries, and address immediate and lingering effects of past injuries.


Clients at The Body Mechanic enjoy the services of an elite team of physiotherapists who are also world-class athletes. They’ve competed internationally and are cognizant of the potential for injury with professional and recreational athletes. Complete treatment and management programs are customized to the individual and adjusted as needed.


One of the most important methods for injury prevention and treatment is therapeutic massage. Relaxed muscles are less likely to experience sprains, strains and tears. Different types of massage are available depending upon the injury or condition. It’s especially effective for individuals who have developed scar tissue.


Manual manipulation is a hands-on technique in which the therapist physically moves the patient’s limbs while the client remains passive. The method is effective for retaining muscle memory, retraining limbs in the proper way to move and preventing injuries.


Two of the most common conditions among athletes of all skill levels are overuse and overtraining injuries. They can occur when individuals don’t warm up sufficiently, when they exceed their body’s limitations, or due to faulty movement patterns. Physiotherapists are experienced in treating all those conditions and assisting in the prevention of similar injuries in the future.


Professionals at The Body Mechanic take a realistic approach to physiotherapy and rehabilitation that focuses on easing pain, treating existing injuries and preventing similar conditions. Methods at the clinic can be used as stand-alone treatments or in combination with other therapies.


Each treatment and management plan is designed to help clients recover as quickly as possible and return them to their regular roster of activities. The physiotherapists at the clinic specialize in sports and athletic related injuries, and are available to treat any injured patient in need.


Located at Bay 10, Middlemiss St. in Lavender Bay, fans can follow the practice on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For more information, call 02 9955 5842 or visit The Body Mechanic online.

Naturopathy Offers a Lifetime of Health and Wellness


Naturopathy Glen Waverley is a premiere destination for individuals seeking non-invasive treatments and natural therapies. Naturopathic methods utilize herbal and nutritional medicine to correct imbalances within the body, while bolstering and supporting the body’s systems and its ability to heal itself.


Naturopathy can be applied to an extensive range of conditions, from gastrointestinal complaints and infertility to mood disorders and allergies. The treatment options place health and wellness goals in the hands of the patient, providing them with the information and knowledge to make informed decisions about their health-related choices.


The practice of naturopathy utilizes science-based principles to treat acute and chronic conditions with natural remedies that don’t rely on costly prescription medications. The techniques are effective in treating a myriad of conditions that don’t respond well to conventional medical methods. Treatment and management plans are tailored to the individual and can include dietary therapy and counseling, botanicals and nutritional supplements.


Naturopathic medicine is effective for a wide range of ailments and conditions that include asthma, allergies and depression, along with migraines, hypertension and infertility. Practitioners seek the underlying cause of conditions, treating imbalances rather than a group of symptoms to create a lasting health solution.


Practitioners promote prevention and may utilize complementary therapies that can include acupuncture, specialized movement, massage, and injection or intravenous therapies when appropriate. A holistic approach is taken that addresses the overall health and physical well-being of the patient instead of an amalgamation of individual parts.


Naturopathic methods address health concerns and problems affecting children to geriatric patients. Education is a key component in naturopathy, allowing individuals to discern the relationships between their actions, what they consume and adverse lifestyle decisions.


Today’s busy lifestyles create stress and a practice of fast food meals is leading to the deterioration of health in patients of all ages. Those factors combine with increasing pollution and highly stressful environments to the detriment of everyone’s health. Naturopathy provides individuals with the natural means to take control of their health throughout their lifetime.


For more information, call 03 9545 0278 or visit Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic online.

Take Care of Your Foot Problems the Right Way


Podiatric is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the lower part of the leg that includes the foot, ankle, sole and the toes. Podiatry deals with diagnoses, medical care and even surgery where it is required. A Podiatric Physician deals with disorders that are experienced because of bone and joint problems. Examples of these disorders are muscular and soft tissue pathologies, arthritis, circulatory and neurological ailments. There are other less serious conditions that Podiatrists deal with and they are corns, calluses, nail disorders like ingrown toenails and skin disorders too. You may be injured while sporting or doing other activities. A Podiatric Physician can also provide treatment to this. When seeking for any kind of treatment, always go for the best and high quality service that is provided by established and experienced professionals. We offer the best of foot care in Brunswick and if you are in search of podiatry in Brunswick, then the right place to check is at Brunswick Foot Clinic. Our staff is highly skilled in providing preventive and restorative foot care. They work under the guidance of Christopher Wheeler who is the owner of the two branches in Brunswick and Sandringham. The accredited podiatrist has 25 years of experience.


All our professionals have attained the required Bachelor’s Degree and registration with the Podiatry Registration Boards. They are keen to listen to your case in order to give the right diagnoses. They will then offer you choices of the treatment that you will require. We have been in business long enough to know the cases that occurs regularly, and therefore we have categorized our services into Sports Injuries, Orthotics, Children’s Foot Care, Nail Surgery, Shockwave Therapy, Heel Pain Management and Video Gait Analysis.


We believe in following up the cases that we treat to ensure that the patient has fully recovered. We therefore have to get a full health record of our patients, although most of the information is focused on Podiatry. The information is captured on our online appointment form. Pay us a visit at Foot Clinic Brunswick and let us solve that nagging foot problem.

Perfect Dermal Fillers: Learn How to Get a Perfect Facelift 


Dermal fillers are the best solution to correct facial defects especially wrinkles. It is among the hottest trends in cosmetic dermatology circles. The young face you have will not last forever; age or long-term effects that affect the appearance of your skin may change it. When it happens, it should not be the end of having a younger-looking skin. It is possible to make it look young again. There are many known practitioners who are known to do dermal filling to fix wrinkles and other aging facial effects, but if you want to go for the best, Renew are the right choice for facial rejuvenation


Dermal fillers aim at adding volume to the affected area due to factors like facial defects, aging or weight loss among others. It helps you regain a natural looking or more youthful appeal. At Renew with Professor Mark Ashton, you will regain your youthful appearance when you give him and his team of professionals a chance to work on your case. We, the team led by Professor Mark Ashton ensures that we have concentrated in the common areas like the broom, cheeks, the nasal labial fold and other areas prone to wrinkles. We are the best in the field and with us you get instant results.


The first thing a patient undergoes upon visiting our place is examination. This is followed by information about the crucial aspects of the procedure. Our team strives to ensure that you get your treatment performed immediately after we receive you. As plastic surgeons who have undergone through enough training, they offer full range of skin and facial rejuvenation treatments. The dermal fillers procedure is not complicated and a trained medical professional should perform it with ease. At Renew, you will get the treatment that will leave a natural complexion. Our team has done this for long and we understand what most of our patients needs. In addition, we will always use local anaesthetic to ensure the dermal fillers procedure treatment is very comfortable.


If you wish to learn more about facial rejuvenation, visit Renew. It is easy to book an appointment online.

Physiotherapy Services in Mandurah


Do not let pain interrupt your life by keeping you out of work. You can never concentrate on your most important activities in your daily life when your back is not giving you a chance to focus. Quick fixes like taking of painkillers do not really help because, they are not solutions that you can use to get to the base of the cause, and clear the problem completely. It is lethal to suppress a condition that you are not sure what it is, because when it recurs it will have increased its magnitude making it hard for the medics to handle it. When you experience such pains therefore, it is prudent to get the assistance of physiotherapy professionals like the physiotherapists in Mandurah who will not settle at anything less than to see your body functionality is back to normal.

Physiotherapy, if you may be wondering is a healthcare profession that is based on evidence of the root cause of an ailment. After the cause has been established, the physiotherapist uses various techniques and interventions to reduce the pain and eventually restore the normal functionality of the body. You will need to explain or answer the questions that the physiotherapist is asking you without omitting any detail. The effectiveness of the procedure is maximized when the doctor goes directly to the problem, rather than doing his or her own checkups to determine the cause.

In Mandurah, you do not have to look any further than 4 Life Physiotherapy. We have physiotherapists who have enough experience injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal and sports related problems. When you are in the able hands of any of them, you should only expect a lasting solution to your back pain problem because they are professionals in applying techniques like manipulations, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, massage ad dry needing. At 4 Life Physiotherapy we also engage in preventive techniques where we offer lessons on self-enablement techniques. In that case, in addition to the therapy we provide to them, we leave them with the ability to drive themselves to recovery by exercising on their own. There is more information that you can get on our website if you pay us a visit.