Physiotherapy Revesby Offers Pain Relief and Improved Mobility

Physiotherapy Revesby is a primary care destination for adults and children who have sustained injuries, have chronic disease or pain, and are experiencing mobility issues. A member of the Benchmark Physiotherapy group of practices, the clinic treats an extensive array of existing conditions and those that encompass lingering effects, and has been doing so for over 30 years.
The professionals at the practice perform an in-depth examination and assessment before developing a treatment, rehabilitation and management plan. Services are appropriate for conditions affecting any part of the body. The clinic addresses pain and conditions sustained at work, home and play.
An extensive array of advanced technology, techniques and methods may be employed either singly or in combination for the best patient outcome. Sports injuries are a major concern and require specialized treatment to ensure they heal correctly and present no residual effects.
When a surgical intervention is required, extensive services are offered to ease pain and to ensure rehabilitation. Casts and splints, braces and taping, and custom orthotic devices may be utilized to accommodate the needs of the individual. Prescription exercise programs help maintain flexibility and mobility.
Physiotherapy Revesby provides patients with safe and effective treatment that addresses the underlying cause of pain and disability, not just the symptoms. The specialized services are designed to relieve pain, improve function, and can be accessed by athletes to improve their performance.
New patients can receive 40 percent off their initial consultation when they print out the voucher on the practice’s website and present it at the time of their consultation. Individuals must inform the practice they will be utilizing the voucher when they make their appointment.
Pain, injuries and the results of chronic disease can strike at any time. Physiotherapy Revesby treats patients of all ages for conditions affecting any part of the body with advanced methods that quickly return patients to their regular range of activities. The physiotherapy professionals work closely with each patient to provide them with treatment and management plans that are appropriate to their individual requirements.
The practice is located at 11a Maccarthur Avenue in Revesby, NSW. For more information, call 02 9772 2586 or visit physiotherapy Revesby online.

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Practice Website Design Features Top Healthcare SEO Techniques

practice-website-logoCrafting a website for medical professionals requires specific healthcare SEO techniques. A website is a necessity for conducting business with a connected populace and Practice Website Design specializes in websites for medical professionals.
The company utilizes multiple SEO techniques designed to increase visibility with search engines, help acquire new patients and increase referrals. Today’s patients conduct searches and perform research before they decide which medical professional to see. Practices that rank highly in search results are perceived as most desirable and modern.
Practice Website Design ascertains the optimal keywords for each practice that individuals would use when seeking medical services. Those words and terms are reflected in the Meta Data and content of each website. Clients can use their own articles and information or utilize the company’s professionally written content.
Website content is more than just a list of the services a clinic offers. It can include images and videos, blog posts and patient testimonials. Interviews with experts in the field, case studies and news about the latest medical breakthroughs can all be included. The goal of healthcare SEO is quality, not necessarily quantity.
Social media is one of the most effective ways to support the clinic’s website. Social media integration is included in the company’s medical websites, providing the means for clients to create a personal presence. Social media integration helps drive traffic to the practice’s website, manage its reputation, and promote special offers for patients. Links to social media is a factor search engines use to determine a website’s quality.
The search for medically-related information is the third ranked online activity. People look for information about diseases, medications, healthcare professionals and their own symptoms. Healthcare SEO utilizes that data to lead search engines toward client websites, then provides a superior user experience to encourage visitors to stay, look and learn.
Healthcare SEO is a specialized field in which Practice Website Design has extensive experience. The firm utilizes modern techniques and technology to drive traffic to client websites, enhance patient acquisition, and build client brands that make them preferred providers.
For more information, contact Simon by phone at 03 9712 0723, via email at [email protected] or visit Practice Website Design online.

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Hydrotherapy Dandenong – Aquatic Exercise for Better Motion

hydrotherapy-300x200Hydrotherapy for pain relief, to address sports-related injuries and improve motion has been utilized since the ancient Roman Empire. Hydrotherapy was endorsed by Hippocrates for a variety of illnesses. Hydrotherapy Dandenong offers the means to treat and rehabilitate injuries, address chronic disease and increase range of motion.
Hydrotherapy is particularly effective for patients with joint and neurological conditions. The aquatic medium buoys and supports the body, relieving the stresses that affect patients on dry land. Individuals are able to perform motions and movements that are often impossible to achieve otherwise.
The therapy is appropriate for post-operative patients, athletes and those with chronic disease and pain. Hydrotherapy has a wide range of benefits, from relieving stress and depression to alleviating sleep disorders. It encompasses a strong psychological component and is effective in elevating mood.
Many patients find that digestive and stomach problems are better after a hydrotherapy session. It’s stimulates circulation and brings oxygenated blood to internal organs. It’s beneficial for treating migraine headaches, a problem that affects up to 15 percent of the Australia population, accounting for billions in healthcare costs, lost wages and productivity.
It’s an effective treatment for patients that have residual pain from prior injuries and those requiring post-operative rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy significantly boosts the immune system for overall better health, allowing it to function more efficiently to ward off illness. As circulation increases, toxins are eliminated from the body.
Hydrotherapy sessions are conducted under the expertise of highly trained physiotherapists. It’s effective for alleviating pain, increasing range of motion and in rehabilitation. The therapy is safe, effective, and patients don’t have to know how to swim to take advantage of the healing abilities of hydrotherapy.
For more information, call 03 9798 4081.

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Cosmetic Dentist in Perth Features Beautifying Services for All

dentalWhile prevention is still an important part of dentistry at The Heights Laser Dental Care, the focus for many patients is cosmetic dentistry. A smile is often the first feature that people notice about others and the cosmetic dentist in Perth provides a wide range of cosmetic dental services, for an aesthetically pleasing smile.
Dr. Gregory Chang, owner of The Heights Laser Dental Care, has more than 30 years of experience and utilizes advanced technology and techniques to correct dental flaws and provide patients with smiles to rival the look of celebrities. Laser dental technology allows the clinic’s patients to be treated quickly and efficiently with little loss of time.
Whitening is one of the most often sought services by patients at the Perth dentist. It improves the appearance of the teeth and creates the smiles for which clients have always yearned.
With the introduction of Invisalign® invisible braces, many adults are using the devices for discreet straightening. The invisible braces use no metal or wires, and work without interfering with normal activities and eating habits. Patients need only visit their Perth dentist periodically to receive a new set of custom made aligners until teeth assume the desired position.
Dental implants are available at the practice to replace a missing tooth. An implant is a permanent, artificial tooth that can be inserted when a natural tooth no longer occupies its position in the mouth. It provides stability for surrounding teeth and eliminates unsightly gaps.
Crowns and veneers are multi-functional options that stabilize surrounding teeth, help maintain facial integrity and can be used to alleviate a variety of dental problems. Crowns protect damaged teeth, while porcelain veneers are utilized to cover broken, discoloured and misshaped teeth, and after a root canal has been performed.
The practice utilizes an array of technology, from digital x-rays that reduce patient exposure to radiation by up to 90 percent, to digital film that can be displayed on any of the clinic’s closed circuit TVs. OPG equipment provides a complete and thorough view of the mouth that eliminates the need for referrals to other facilities.
Chang can be reached by phone at 08 9343 5900 or by visiting The Heights Laser Dental Centre online.

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NDPE Addresses Patient Pain, Chronic Disease and Rehabilitation


Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood services encompass multiple therapies to alleviate pain, treat conditions associated with chronic disease, restore functionality, and rehabilitate injuries. The practice takes a hands-on approach and each treatment and management plan is customized to accommodate the individual. The clinic treats children and adults.

Two of the mainstays of physiotherapy are therapeutic massage and dry needling. The therapies can be used singly or in combination with others to treat multiple conditions and accelerate healing. Both methods increase blood flow, remove toxins and assist the body’s own healing abilities. Pain is relieved and the techniques are especially beneficial when scar tissue is present. The therapies enhance sports performance and are regularly used by professional athletes.

Mobilisation and manual manipulation provide the means to keep the nervous system and soft tissues healthy when patients are unable to fully participate in therapy for any reason. The techniques are effective for training the body in the appropriate ways to move following injuries, surgical interventions, and in chronic disease syndromes.

Exercise is the best way to maintain motion and ease pain, but only when it’s done correctly. Prescription exercise programmes are created for specific needs that accommodate the client’s level of abilities. Modifications are made as required to reflect any changes. It’s effective for rehabilitation, helping to prevent scar tissue and maintaining range of motion following surgical procedures.

Specialized exercise is available to address issues affecting women during and after pregnancy. It strengthens the core and pelvic floor, increases balance and stability, and addresses incontinence problems. The therapeutic exercise eases pain and discomfort that can accompany pregnancy and breastfeeding, and helps women regain their figure. Ultrasound is available to treat mastitis.

Problems in one part of the body often appear in another area. Prescription and custom orthotic devices provide support for the body, eases pain and helps realign the spine. The clinic utilizes GaitScan™ technology to provide 3D imaging that pinpoints the exact location of injuries and dysfunction. It allows therapists to create a comprehensive treatment plan that returns patients back to their regular range of activities with alacrity.

For more information, call 02 9874 8410.

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Mackie Road Clinic Features Flexible Hours for Busy Patients


A full range of services are available at the Bentleigh East GP practice to address the medical and cosmetic issues of area residents. The professionals at Mackie Road Clinic understand how difficult it can be to schedule appointments around home and work obligations, offering flexible hours that extend into the evening, on weekends and even during some public holidays.


The clinic has been serving the needs of children and adults for more than 50 years with a hands-on approach coupled with modern technology. Lab tests often hold the key to identifying a particular problem. Multiple pathology services are available and patients have access to other tests that include lung function, blood pressure monitoring and ECGs, along with cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides.


In a world of global travel, vaccines are an integral component of health and wellness. Patients can obtain a comprehensive array of vaccinations, along with advice on specific immunisations to provide protection at their travel destination. International disease outbreaks and potential threats are monitored closely by clinicians.


Chronic diseases are an ongoing concern for patients and practitioners. Chronic care coordination provides continuity of treatment for a myriad of conditions, diseases and syndromes. In-home visits can be arranged for patients that are unable to come to the clinic if they live within a 5 kilometer radius of the practice.


Integrative medical services are offered to complement traditional treatments to assist patients with pain, illness and disease. Clients are treated with a whole body approach that addresses the underlying cause of problems rather than the symptoms. The services of the clinic’s dietician provide patients with dietary advice and help with specialized dietary needs.


Gender specific clinics are conducted regularly to address the problems and issues affecting men and women. Skin cancer clinics are also held to identify cancer in its earliest stages, develop a strategy for treatment and create an ongoing management plan.


One of the most popular options offered at the clinic are anti-wrinkle injections that give individuals a more youthful appearance. Clients can see visible results in just 15 minutes. The minimally invasive process minimizes lines, wrinkles and crevices that are responsible for making people appear up to 10 years older than their chronological age.


The clinic’s podiatrist addresses conditions related to chronic disease, infections of the foot and nail problems. Custom orthotic devices relieve pain, address dysfunction and provide support. Clinicians also provide extended health checks and perform minor surgical procedures.


For more information, call 9579 3866.

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Clinical Pilates Provides Preventative Injury Techniques


Clinical Pilates at Aushealth Physiotherapy enhances sports performance, rehabilitates injuries, addresses pain and treats conditions associated with chronic illnesses. Pilates Brookvale aids in preventing injuries before they occur and is a specialized form of physiotherapy that’s even safe for pregnant women.

The practice maintains a fully featured Pilates studio that utilizes advanced assessment technology and hands-on instruction conducted by an experienced physiotherapist. Each client receives a customized treatment, management and rehabilitation programme based on their individual needs and level of ability. Clinicians treat the underlying cause of dysfunction and not just the symptoms.

Clinical Pilates focuses on the core and pelvic floor for greater balance, stability and strength. The technique encompasses a variety of movements that are specially designed to increase range of motion, enhance sports performance, and maintain flexibility. It’s effective for improving posture problems and resulting dysfunction.

Individuals learn how to breathe and move more efficiently. Sessions aid patients in increasing muscle tone, firmness and strength while significantly improving coordination. Clinical Pilates relieves pain and is an essential element for rehabilitation following injuries and surgical procedures.

Clinical Pilates provides clients with a greater awareness of where their body is in relation to the world around them to help in preventing injuries and accidents. It’s an effective treatment for older individuals, along with adolescents who are experiencing rapid growth.

The therapeutic method aids in treating current injuries and previous problems that may have lingering effects. Professional athletes and those in the performing arts around the world are utilizing clinical Pilates as part of their elite training programmes to build strength, endurance and improve performance.

The controlled movements of clinical Pilates are especially beneficial for individuals with chronic disease that includes fibromyalgia, arthritis and conditions affecting the nerves and spine. It addresses pain and discomfort issues common in pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.

Clinical Pilates provides exercises specific to the patient. It’s appropriate for preventing and treating overuse injuries, chronic disease and for rehabilitation. It increases balance and stability, and offers the means to strengthen potential problem areas to prevent injuries before they occur.

For more information, call 9905 0048.

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Whittlesea Physio Addresses the Unique needs of Women


The services at Whittlesea physio encompass an extensive array of therapies to treat injuries, aid in recoveries and facilitate rehabilitation. The practice treats the effects of chronic disease, addresses the unique needs of women and provides treatment options for injuries sustained at work, home and play, along with those obtained during vehicle accidents.

Physiotherapy techniques are effective in meeting the special needs of women at all stages of life. Therapies relieve the discomforts of pregnancy and are effective in treating joint dysfunction and osteoarthritis. Physiotherapy helps women remain flexible, active and pain free.

Therapies are especially beneficial for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Specific exercises tone and strengthen muscles that will be used during childbirth and relieve pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Physiotherapy methods aid in relieving conditions that develop after delivery for nursing mothers.

Prescription exercise plays an essential role in rehabilitation and maintaining range of motion. Clinical Pilates is used at the practice to build core and pelvic floor strength, enhance sports performance and increase stability. It aids in relieving chronic pain, improving posture and correcting muscle imbalances. The flowing movements improve motor control, prevent falls common with the elderly and enhance sports performance.

Dry needling is a technique that’s effective in treating conditions that may not respond well to traditional treatments. It relieves pain, loosens muscles and improves circulation. The therapy stimulates healing, removes toxins from the body and stimulates the immune system. Dry needling is effective for treating muscle dysfunction and nerve related conditions.

Sports injuries can be especially painful and require extensive rehabilitation and recovery times. Hands-on examinations and gait analysis technology pinpoints the exact location of injuries and dysfunction, allowing the therapist to create a personalized treatment and management program for patients of any age. Therapeutic massage may be prescribed to ease pain, aid in rehabilitation and enhance sports performance.

Patients have access to digital technology that examines and analyses biomechanical inefficiencies and potential problem areas. Foot problems may cause pain in the knees, hips and lower back. The clinic’s state-of-the-art technology utilizes 3D imaging to discern the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction. Orthotic devices may be prescribed to alleviate pain, provide support and realign the body in the proper position.

For more information, call 03 9716 2250.

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Glen Eira Therapists Offer High-Tech and Hands-on Treatments


Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions, from sports injuries and foot problems to chronic diseases and pregnancy related discomfort. Glen Eira Physiotherapy has multiple therapies that can be used alone or in combination. The physio in Carnegie provides patients with services to maintain mobility, ease pain and address soft tissue injuries.

Patients with a variety of conditions find relief with physiotherapy techniques. Therapeutic massage and similar therapies are often effective for problems that don’t respond well to traditional treatments. Personalized treatment, management and rehabilitation programs are developed for each patient and modified as needed to reflect the client’s changing needs.

Clinicians at the practice treat children, teens and adults of all ages. A hands-on approach is taken to ease pain, restore functionality and return patients to their regular activities quickly. Manual manipulation and mobilisation is available to retrain muscles and assist patients with conditions that makes it difficult for them to move freely.

Therapeutic massage is a mainstay of the physiotherapy practice and is beneficial for those who have developed scar tissue or undergone surgery, individuals with neurological disorders and soft tissue injuries. Massage therapy is used extensively by professional athletes around the world who have sustained injuries, for rehabilitation needs, and for enhancing sports performance.

Massage therapy increases circulation, relieves pain and works with the body’s own healing abilities. It aids in eliminating toxins from the body, stimulating the immune system and accelerates healing. Massage relieves tension and helps prevent injuries. It’s also effective in treating osteoporosis and TMJ pain.

Clinical Pilates is a specialized type of exercise that builds core and pelvic floor strength, increases stability and aids in preventing injuries. It tones and enhances flexibility. The flowing movements are beneficial for both genders and are especially beneficial for alleviating pain and discomfort affecting pregnant and nursing women.

Patients have access to the services of a podiatrist and custom orthotic devices to address issues that include bow-legs, toes that point in or out too far, and high or low arches. The devices provide support and proper alignment, address conditions associated with chronic disease, and ease pain in the feet, knees, hips and lower back.

For more information, call 03 9571 2111.

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Fairfield Physio: The Destination for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation


A fully featured physiotherapy service and no-gap initial visits are just two of the reasons that patients seek the services of Fairfield Physio. The practice treats injuries sustained at work, home, during sports participation and as a result of vehicular accidents. Multiple therapies are available that can be used as stand-alone treatments or in combination with others.

Each patient receives a personalized assessment and diagnosis from a knowledgeable physiotherapist. State-of-the-art technology is utilized when applicable to pinpoint the exact location and cause of a patient’s problem. Treatment and management plans are tailored to accommodate the specific needs and requirements of the individual.

The clinic has a focus on easing pain and returning clients to their regular activities as quickly as possible. The professionals treat the underlying cause of problems and not just the symptoms. Patients are fully involved in their treatment, recovery and rehabilitation at every juncture.

The practice takes a hands-on approach to treatment with joint mobilisation and manipulation to reduce pain, stiffness and maintain range of motion. The therapy is especially beneficial for patients who may not be able to fully participate in therapy or don’t have the ability to perform movements on their own.

Muscle reeducation and exercise programs play a large role in recoveries, especially following extended periods of limited activity or a surgical intervention. Specialised exercise improves mobility and aids in maintaining strength. During long recuperations, muscle re-education assists in retaining strength and control.

Core stability training has multiple benefits for individuals of all ages. It helps older patients prevent falls and is effective for enhancing sports performance. The training’s deliberate movements help patients become more aware of their body and its position at any particular time.

A standard treatment for many injuries is therapeutic massage and it’s especially effective for individuals that have developed scar tissue. It helps during treatment and the rehabilitation process to maintain mobility and range of movement. Massage relaxes soft tissues that can become stiff and sore during inactivity or following strenuous therapeutic treatments. It’s used by many athletes to enhance sports performance.

Dry needling relieves pain, muscle stress and points within the body that can become unresponsive. Ergonomic and workplace assessments are offered to improve productivity and reduce the potential for injury. Gait assessments are offered to detect postural problems and dysfunction when walking, running and jogging to assist individuals function at maximum efficiency and eliminate pain.

For more information, call 03 9489 7744.

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Endovascular Surgeons offers Minimally Invasion Solutions


Endovascular surgical techniques are designed to reach a variety of regions throughout the body via major arteries and blood vessels. The technique is minimally invasive and in many instances eliminates long hospital stays and facilitates a quicker recovery. An endovascular surgeon specializes in the method and they’re able to diagnose and treat an extensive array of conditions.


Arterial diseases that include aneurysms, carotid artery disease and peripheral artery disease (PAD) can be addressed through endovascular surgery. Vascular conditions that encompass varicose veins and venous thrombosis can also be treated with the method.


Angioplasty and stenting, treating varicose veins, mapping of blood vessels, and venous ulcers are all within the expertise of an endovascular surgeon. Endovascular surgery techniques are effective in treating femoral aneurysms in the groin and peripheral aneurysms that form in locations other than the aorta.


Aortic aneurysms appear in the aorta, the large blood vessel that transports oxygen rich blood from the heart to the body. This type of aneurysm typically forms in the abdomen. Popliteal aneurysms appear in the popliteal artery. It’s a major artery running down the back of the leg through the knee and lower thigh.


The carotid artery is one of the most well-known parts of the body. It carries blood up the side of the neck to the face and brain. In carotid artery disease, the arteries become blocked and circulation is impaired. The condition can result in strokes or mini-strokes. Endovascular surgical techniques allow the specialist to remove the plaque causing the blockage that’s easy on the patient.


Peripheral artery disease occurs when the arteries in the legs become blocked, decreasing circulation. Blockages can become severe, blocking circulation to the point where the limb must be amputated. New veins may be crafted to treat the condition or a stent can be put in place with endovascular surgery.


Varicose veins also present problems that can be remedied with endovascular techniques. They’re more than just an aesthetic consideration. Varicose veins aren’t life threatening, but venous surgery can seal veins from leakage and restore circulation.


Dr. Deepak Williams is an experienced vascular surgeon at North Coast Vascular, specializing in minimally invasive techniques to address a wide variety of vascular disease, disorders and dysfunction. For more information, call 1300 278 379 or visit North Coast Vascular online.

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Physical Healthcare: 8 Convenient Locations for Patient Care


Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Gladstone Park, Hawthorn, Bulleen, Thomastown, St. Kilda and Sydenham. Physiotherapy services meet a variety of needs, from alleviating pain and treating injuries to enhancing sports performance and maintaining mobility.


Complete assessment, treatment and management plans are tailored to the needs of the individual and designed to return patients to their normal range of activities with alacrity. Online appointment scheduling with any of the clinics professionals is offered at all locations for client convenience.


Physiotherapy encompasses treatment for injuries occurring in the home, at the workplace and on the sports field. Those with joint pain, neurological conditions and injuries requiring rehabilitation can avail themselves of clinical Pilates and therapies that aid in maintaining mobility, flexibility and range of motion.


Normal function can be compromised through injury and aging, chronic disease and environmental factors. Hands-on techniques, hydrotherapy, massage and dry needling offer pain relief, treat diseases of soft tissues, and are beneficial for those recovering from surgical interventions.


Clear communication is a skill that doesn’t come easily to everyone. The clinic’s speech pathologist works with patients of all ages, specializing in problems related to children. It’s crucial to address speech difficulties early. Problems can arise from an extensive array of causes and speech pathologists work with children to improve reading, speaking and writing skills.


Good health begins with an appropriate diet and the clinic’s dietician helps patients with specialized dietary needs, proper nutrition and healthy food choices to help prevent illness and disease. Psychological services help patients function effectively and enhance their performance in all aspects of their life.


Many people experience foot problems ranging from tired feet, conditions related to chronic disease and skin infections that affect their quality of life. The clinic’s podiatrist treats bacterial, fungal and viral infections of the foot, developing management strategies to maintain function and ease pain.


The goal at Physical Healthcare is to ease patient pain, help them maintain mobility, and provide rehabilitation services. The clinic provides a full complement of therapeutic services to treat ills of the body and mind to improve quality of life.

For more information, call +61 1300 581 625 or visit Physical Healthcare online.

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Strive Health Services Caters to Clients with Convenient Healthcare


Strive Health Services is the wave of the future for healthcare, providing physiotherapy and a full complement of medical services all under one roof. The medical clinic in Kirwan provides patients with an array of services that makes obtaining treatment easy and convenient.


The focus at Strive Health Services is always the patient and the practice provides client accommodations designed for convenience, ensuring that all patients have access to medical and physiotherapy services when they need it. Convenient options include:

  • The ability to schedule appointments online or with the clinic’s app for mobile devices allowing patients to book a visit any time and from any location.
  • Same day appointments are available.
  • Wait times are short.
  • Client satisfaction is personally guaranteed.


The clinic provides clients with treatment for immediate injuries and chronic conditions, along with ailments and injuries that have lingering effects. Treatment and management plans are tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual and adjusted as needed to reflect changes in health, progress and lifestyle. Patients have access to an extensive network of specialists through the clinic.


State-of-the-art medical equipment is available to assess, monitor and treat a variety of illnesses and diseases. The clinic offers weight management, exercise programs and the services of a trained dietitian, along with prompt appointments for sick children and a complete array of vaccinations to prevent illnesses.


Health checks for men and women are specially designed to address issues of particular importance to patients of each gender. Visits to patients’ homes and nursing homes are available, along with palliative care services.


Physiotherapy services encompass a variety of hands-on techniques that treat the underlying cause of conditions and alleviate pain. Present and past injuries, chronic conditions and therapies for rehabilitation are available to meet the changing and evolving needs of clients.


A variety of physiotherapy options are available that can be used alone or in combination with other therapies. Clinical Pilates classes, manual manipulation therapies and dry needling are all provided to arrive at the best patient outcomes. Sports medicine solutions are available for athletes and the clinic provides dance and performing arts assessments for a whole health solution for every patient.

For more information, call 07 4773 6133 or visit Strive Health online.

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Tokyo Physio: High Performance Care for Professional Athletes


When athletes need training, strengthening and rehabilitation, they go to the professionals at Tokyo Physio or the practice’s newest branch, Singapore Physio. Founded and operated by international athletes, Bevan and Vanessa Colless, the couple understands the specialized needs of world-class competitors and dreamt of helping others achieve their full potential.


Their goal has come alive through the opening of the fully featured physiotherapy practices that are also elite training centers. Services are provided by English speaking, Australian trained physiotherapists who are also world-class athletes. Physiotherapy is essential when injuries occur, but it also plays an important role in preparing athletes for competition.


Physiotherapy services run the gamut, from hands-on manual manipulation and electrical stimulation to therapeutic massage and Pilates sessions. The clinic specializes in sports injuries, rehabilitation and post-operative care. The practice focuses on relieving pain, treating dysfunction and preparing patients for a return to competition quickly and efficiently. Treatment and management plans are tailored to accommodate the needs of individual.


Therapies may be used as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to address pain issues and accelerate recoveries. Treatment is designed to assist patients in reaching their goals and performing to their full potential.


A variety of specialized programs has been developed and are offered exclusively at the clinics that include “4 Weeks to a Better Back” and Natal Exercise classes for female athletes at all stages of pregnancy and post-delivery recovery. The practice offers an elite Triathlon Coaching program, triathlon training camps, and is the only English-speaking physiotherapy provider for children.


Patients can book a professional bike fitting or running assessment to increase endurance, efficiency and strength. Custom orthotic devices can be prescribed to ease pain and enhance performance. Individuals in training have access to specialized coaching, guidance and instruction on every facet of their preferred sport.


The practices are fully equipped physiotherapy and training centers, providing services for recuperation, rehabilitation and performance enhancement the natural way. The practices offer services to treat problems ranging from headaches to post-operative needs for a head-to-toe health solution.

For more information, call 03 3443 6769 or visit Tokyo Physio online.

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Naturopathy Offers a Lifetime of Health and Wellness


Naturopathy Glen Waverley is a premiere destination for individuals seeking non-invasive treatments and natural therapies. Naturopathic methods utilize herbal and nutritional medicine to correct imbalances within the body, while bolstering and supporting the body’s systems and its ability to heal itself.


Naturopathy can be applied to an extensive range of conditions, from gastrointestinal complaints and infertility to mood disorders and allergies. The treatment options place health and wellness goals in the hands of the patient, providing them with the information and knowledge to make informed decisions about their health-related choices.


The practice of naturopathy utilizes science-based principles to treat acute and chronic conditions with natural remedies that don’t rely on costly prescription medications. The techniques are effective in treating a myriad of conditions that don’t respond well to conventional medical methods. Treatment and management plans are tailored to the individual and can include dietary therapy and counseling, botanicals and nutritional supplements.


Naturopathic medicine is effective for a wide range of ailments and conditions that include asthma, allergies and depression, along with migraines, hypertension and infertility. Practitioners seek the underlying cause of conditions, treating imbalances rather than a group of symptoms to create a lasting health solution.


Practitioners promote prevention and may utilize complementary therapies that can include acupuncture, specialized movement, massage, and injection or intravenous therapies when appropriate. A holistic approach is taken that addresses the overall health and physical well-being of the patient instead of an amalgamation of individual parts.


Naturopathic methods address health concerns and problems affecting children to geriatric patients. Education is a key component in naturopathy, allowing individuals to discern the relationships between their actions, what they consume and adverse lifestyle decisions.


Today’s busy lifestyles create stress and a practice of fast food meals is leading to the deterioration of health in patients of all ages. Those factors combine with increasing pollution and highly stressful environments to the detriment of everyone’s health. Naturopathy provides individuals with the natural means to take control of their health throughout their lifetime.


For more information, call 03 9545 0278 or visit Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic online.

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